Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver was a natural point to break up the 52-hour ride to Chicago–but it also struck me as a very friendly and livable city.

You arrive at Union Station–but unlike Chicago’s version, the tracks here are all outside so it’s a more attractive view going in.



Inside is a vibrant restaurant scene and shopping area–to the point that I had no idea where to find the baggage claim.



Downtown Denver itself is anchored by the 16th Street shopping mall, a lively pedestrian zone complete with public pianos for everyone to use!


It also features historical museums,


As well as the greenery stores you’d expect in Colorado (a few blocks away)


It was also entertaining watching the planned parenthood signature-collector have a friendly chat with the JESUS SAVES-poster holder at the traffic light.


In the heart of the business district was a food truck fair held most summer weekdays, with many businesspeople enjoying their lunch break in the sun with music.


2016-07-14 12.32.15.jpg

Overall, it’s clear Denver is an extremely fast-growing city, with lots of energy visible just walking downtown.


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