Atacama Desert, Chile

My last stop in South America before returning to Santiago was the Atacama desert in northern Chile, which offers tons of amazing geological features to see. There’s really not a lot to say about them, but the pictures should do the talking.

First there are the geysers, for which you have to leave at 4:30am and brave -8°C/18°F temperatures to see them at dawn.

2016-05-08 08.14.23 (2)

And then jump in them! Which is pleasant in itself; it’s the getting out that’s painful.

2016-05-08 08.55.57

Then there are the Red Rocks,

2016-05-07 09.22.59.jpg

2016-05-07 10.51.35

2016-05-07 10.59.32

2016-05-07 11.08.23.jpg

altiplanic lakes,

2016-05-07 12.43.40.jpg

and the Atacama salt flat, featuring flamingos!

2016-05-07 15.35.27.jpg

And finally, there is the Valley of the Moon

2016-05-05 19.09.04

and nearby the Valley of Mars, so named because of the vast Mars-red landscape,

2016-05-08 17.38.47.jpg

where you can go sandboarding! It’s like snowboarding, just on sand.

2016-05-08 17.06.26.jpg


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