Tetris Container Hostel

And just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more excitement in this random part of Brazil…there is: a hostel made entirely of used shipping containers.

First, I should make it clear that this is not a sponsored post at all; I just get really excited about all aspects of logistics and shipping. In fact, I originally had planned to start my trip by taking a container ship from New York to Germany, although that might have been slightly disappointing because they probably would not have let me actually sleep in one of the containers.

2016-04-09 12.59.27

2016-04-05 10.01.52

As you might expect, the bar is a container too.

2016-04-09 12.59.12 HDR

And the pool is a container.

2016-04-09 12.58.49

They did outfit the containers with flooring and walls, so it’s not quite an authentic experience. Still, some of the walls are the original container insides, such as the one in the staircase.

2016-04-05 12.51.20

Also, it’s super cool that they were able to make it a stable 2-story building (it’s been standing since 2004).

2016-04-10 09.39.12

In the spirit of reusing things, even the sinks are made of old oil barrels.

2016-04-07 10.19.07
Happy to report that the water did not taste like oil.

There are some beautiful designer hostels out there, but the only other one I know of that has such a unique structure is the one in Stockholm that is built into an old Boeing 747 jet. I missed that one when I was there, which in my book looks like a great reason to go back. For now though, I’m thrilled I got to experience something so unique here in Brazil, and am looking forward to seeing many more of these buildings all over the world.

2016-04-05 17.30.17


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