Iguazu Falls

From Florianópolis it was on to the famous Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and right next to Paraguay. I did it in what many would call the correct order: first, the Brazilian side, which is a bit smaller and lets you get up close and personal with one part of the falls, and then the Argentinian side, whose highlight is a speedboat trip that literally takes you into the falling water.

First, on the Brazilian side:

2016-04-05 14.48.22

There’s a walkway that brings you right to the edge.

2016-04-05 14.54.50

Where you can literally step out into the abyss.

2016-04-05 15.06.34

2016-04-05 15.17.21

2016-04-05 15.06.49

It’s selfie capital, of course.

2016-04-05 15.40.00

And also has what has to have one of the best “views from the office” in the world, for the gift shop employees.

2016-04-05 15.43.39

If you can afford it, you can stay in a hotel right at the falls! On both sides, as it turns out.

2016-04-05 14.28.08

There is a minor nuisance, however: the raccoon-like Coati that are very much not people-shy, and will mob you when you try to eat food in the park.

2016-04-05 15.21.43

On the Argentinian side, the nuisance is the moths that swarm you and then lick your sweat as you try to walk or awkwardly outrun them.

2016-04-07 13.59.31
These guys were more into them than I was.

But, as mentioned, the view is even better over here. This is the main point, the “devil’s throat”. You can’t even see the bottom because of all the “smoke” rising up.

2016-04-07 14.08.00

2016-04-07 14.09.30

2016-04-07 14.11.31

2016-04-07 14.17.10

I always get a kick out of the bad translations you see outside of English-speaking countries, but they really upped the ante here.

2016-04-07 14.17.48

If the Brazilian side was selfie capital, the Argentinian one was smooch capital.

2016-04-07 17.34.40
That’s also definitely not the most exciting picture I could’ve taken.

2016-04-07 17.23.11

2016-04-07 17.28.32

2016-04-07 15.53.11

In summary, it’s the most touristy thing you can do, but definitely worth seeing.


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