Cairns, Australia

Cairns isn’t really a city, but more of a stopover town for people looking to do cool adventure sports or see the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-02-09 23.10.39
This sign was actually in Melbourne, but any travel agency will sell you virtually anything in Australia and New Zealand.
It doesn’t have a swimmable beach, as the cover photo shows, and it’s so humid that when planes open their doors the air conditioning’s condensation makes it look like some sort of fog machine being used in a hallway.

2016-02-06 13.17.01

Being so far north, it’s actually a really popular destination for Japanese tourists, so much so that the entire airport is actually in Japanese, alongside the English.

2016-02-02 22.30.03

And it’s the only airport that I’ve ever been to that allows anyone at all to enter the boarding area, instead of just ticketed passengers.


2016-02-06 12.01.35.jpg
Just when you thought you could say bye to the in-laws at security…
By far the most entertaining “first” that I experienced here was a drive-through liquor store.

2016-02-03 16.31.33 HDR
They’re trying to one-up the US.

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