Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane feels like a very business-like city. That’s not supposed to be an insult or anything, just an observation based on how people are dressed downtown and such.

However, it still does have a quirky side, at least in the Queensland Art Gallery.

2016-02-02 16.16.37
“Modern art”
A more hipster part of town took it upon themselves to post a bunch of funny signs, which are great.2016-02-01 16.03.17

They also have seem to come up with a great way of reusing beer bottles–or at least this restaurant did.

2016-02-01 13.36.04

Although not Brisbane-specific, I finally managed to take a picture of the awful-looking brand of cars that are so popular in Australia: the sedickup truck, which is the baby of a sedan and pickup truck.

2016-02-01 19.05.38
Apparently they’re called Utes, which sounds a lot more like a flimsy musical instrument than a car.
Again, not sure if this is Brisbane-specific, but I found the funniest-looking type of birds there that swoop down on you in a pack and then rotate their heads in all kinds of directions in an unsettling manner.

2016-02-01 12.51.13

Ending on a positive note, the city built a beautiful walkway on the water next to one of the river banks for pedestrians and cyclists, complete with rest and water stations every couple of hundred feet.

2016-02-01 15.03.45

And in terms of transportation Brisbane really nailed it by building miles of busways, which are bus-only roads that let commuters avoid all the traffic home.

2016-02-02 16.28.56


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