London, United Kingdom

One of the first things I saw in London was a sign literally reminding people to be nice to others.

2015-11-27 14.24.58.jpg
Sometimes stereotypes can be true.

London was off to a great start. A more positive sign was the official place for musicians the city provides. Having commuted (in Madrid) every day, I can say I appreciate some music in the metro stations.

2015-12-03 15.10.35

There was a giant Christmas setup in Hyde park–and apparently Christmas means everything is German-themed…

2015-12-03 19.20.52
Why not just Herr Bratwurst?

Where beautiful hotels in the Alps are turned into haunted houses.

2015-12-03 20.25.36 HDR

I do have to give them credit for coming up with a great way to cook fish on a fire.

2015-12-03 19.22.06

And of course, it wouldn’t be the United Kingdom without the double-decker buses.

2015-12-03 18.27.32
Just like how you’d imagine them, minus the Harry Potter-esque lever that squeezes the bus to the size of a noodle.

The next couple weeks for me saw stops home, in Washington DC, and Germany. There’ll be less posts for those, but traveling will restart in earnest in China and Australia late January!


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