Bristol, United Kingdom

I skipped Bath, because there wasn’t much to see. In fairness I was only there a day so don’t hold it against me if I missed something.

Bristol is known for its chain link bridge, which is just a normal bridge as far as I can tell.

2015-12-01 16.23.09.jpg
It offers features like, you can walk across it.

More importantly is that Bristol is a very artsy town–especially in the graffiti sense. Being the home of Banksy probably helps a lot.

2015-12-01 15.00.17

Obviously a lot of the artwork is political, especially in the central “bear pit”

2015-12-02 15.44.43

2015-12-02 15.49.30.jpg

In the UK I learned it’s not authentically Christmas-themed unless it’s also German. So to comply the folks in Bristol put a giant (German) Christmas pyramid in the central market, surrounded by stalls selling German beers and drinks.

2015-12-01 21.52.30.jpg

I also learned that people are incredibly polite at lining up (nay, queuing, as they call it) for buses, which is a pretty funny sight.

2015-12-02 17.13.39

As orderly as these guys are, the anti-war protesters that same night certainly were not.

2015-12-02 17.54.31

Who were spurred by the hard-to-miss announcement of Britain’s involvement in the Syrian war.

2015-12-03 15.11.40

Finally, to end in a nice British way, I really appreciated the bus-stop advertisements that advertised the things that are really important to people:

2015-12-01 21.42.42


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