Oxford, United Kingdom

I was so happy to be back in an English-speaking country that I started taking picture of airport signs because I could read them so easily.

2015-11-27 11.00.27.jpg
Even if they use pseudo-English like “lifts”.

But I skipped London initially and went right to Oxford! Which, despite what Wikipedia indicates, is effectively just big a college town–with a really nice walkable downtown.

2015-11-28 20.30.14

Obviously, it’s not just any college–it’s both widely renowned and incredibly beautiful. The buildings look something like palaces

2015-11-29 13.38.49
Don’t step on the grass.

And the dining halls straight out of Harry Potter.

2015-11-29 18.23.27
That’s a portrait of Dumbledore in the background.

Being old and famous, many of the bars and cafes enjoy name-dropping the people that used to frequent them; the Eagle and Child here is tied to JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Which led me to conclude that you have to be referred to with your first initials instead of name in order to be successful and be name-dropped one day.

2015-11-29 20.14.36

One of the really cool things about the UK is that most museums are subsidized or free, which means you can wander into places like the Museum of Natural history, and wish that you didn’t wander in just a half hour before closing with a bus ticket out the next morning.


2015-11-29 14.03.58

And finally, not technically Oxford but close enough, is Stonehenge! It’s probably on some Europe’s-most-overrated list but still made for artsy photography nevertheless.

2015-11-28 15.17.56


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