Journal: An Introduction

And now, a break from the previously set trends! In this new category of posts, pictures will be replaced largely by words; I’ll describe things I’ve been thinking about or noticing around me. They probably will often be political, but I’ll always try to keep it observational and more as a discussion-starter than a formed opinion. The goal of these posts is to capture the more interpersonal side of traveling; they’ll always be a result of discussions I’ve had on the road.

For the time being, the home page will show journal entries mixed with the “traditional” picture post pages, which fall into a category called “City Notes”. To see just posts from one category, you can use the menu button in the top-right corner. Similarly, email notifications will be for both categories, but you could easily set up a filter in your email client that looks for the “Categories:” text at the bottom, to only get one of the two types of posts.

While we’re talking about the menu button, you’ll notice I’ve added a subscribe field for mobile devices, and two pages (that have always been there) about me and some related reading. I’ll keep those updated periodically. There’s also a search field if you want to search for a term in the post text.

Finally, thanks for your patience as I play with the cover photo style.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any suggestions about the new format/category.