Split, Croatia

I got to Split by the way of a train from a town called Karlovac. It wasn’t that noteworthy but I just wanted to give a shoutout to the station master there who let me store my bag in his office for a few hours, since it was way too small of a station to have suitcase lockers. In other news, I got to go inside a station master’s office which was also cool.

2015-10-27 13.24.05.jpg
And quite a nice-looking train station too!

Being on the coast, Split was significantly warmer and more humid than the inland cities that I’d been to. It kind of felt like a seaside Mediterranean resort, complete with imported palm trees.

2015-10-28 10.57.47.jpg

Being seaside, you could get fresh seafood which I took advantage of.

2015-10-28 19.58.49
The bottom two are shark meat, if I remember correctly! And don’t miss the squid in the middle.

Split also gets some fame for hosting some Game of Thrones scenes, so if you want to get poked in the face for a small tip you can definitely do that.

2015-10-28 10.42.28.jpg

Completely unrelated to being seaside or GoT-related, you can also see the world’s only (?) stuffed frog collection (why would you do that?)

2015-10-28 11.04.01 HDR-2

Then I ran into some guy walking his two donkeys up a mountain.

2015-10-30 15.23.01 HDR-2.jpg
The other one appears to be camera-shy.

People love smoking everywhere so they have to put these signs everywhere on this relatively dry mountain.

2015-10-30 15.13.30

That’s all, definitely worth a visit though! Must be insane in the summer too…