Prague, Czech Republic

My first impression of Prague came on the way to the hostel, when I found a folk music/food/wine festival by a church square.

Young man preparing 4 burgers.
Super tasty burgers! They use mayonnaise, arugula, tomatoes, olive oil, goat cheese, cranberries, honey, and a beef patty, on a toasted bun.
Stand with 2 jugs of Burcak and many wine bottles.
Burčák, as the Czechs call it, is a brilliant alcoholic invention. As I understand it, it’s just wine in its early stages of fermentation. It tastes sweet and has the alcoholic content of a beer, although within a week the alcohol percentage can double (and spoil the drink). For some reason, it seems to be restricted to southern Germany/Czech Republic and that region.

In addition to the great food and drinks, Prague turned out to be a quirky and beautiful city.

Church with a fancy clock.
The second most overrated tourist attraction in Europe!
Namesti Miru subway station.
It has some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world, according to one source.
Pregnant woman kneeling with legs split.
A provocative Czech artist likes putting art like this in Prague–and apparently tourists enjoy interacting with it too. You can actually climb up into the womb and then be “birthed” out.

I have a theory that you can tell how touristy a city is based on how many “rubbable” statues there are. That is, there are always (metallic) statues where you’re supposed to rub a hand or foot or something for good luck–or so tour guides say. Some are more bizarre than others.

Statue of boy with penis rubbed shiny.
Should be apparent where to rub here…
White and silver toaster.
Shoutout to a classy toaster design.